My name is Dr. Julz. I’m a medical doctor with over 12 years clinical practice, medical concierge and happiness activist. I work passionately to lend a voice and visibility to credible health based businesses and personalities across the country. Most importantly, I am a wife and mother of 3 amazing humans.

As an award winning radio show host of a radio show called health matters with Dr. Julz for over 7 years it gave me a vantage point of interacting with qualified medical personalities and businesses across the country. Now people consult me for specific medical needs and health brands source me to identify with their brands to give credibility with the level of engagement that keeps clients attentive and ultimately promote top of mind brand with our corporate clients.

Our annual event, called Healthtetainment brings health and entertainment together. Here a selected group of our clients are brought under one roof where we pick a theme and enlighten our health conscious audience of their services in an atmosphere of fun and entertainment.

As a Happiness activist, I strongly believe sound stress management skills and a sense of fulfillment goes a long way.

So enjoy your visit and feel free to engage me for any events, promotions, consultation bookings and much more. I cannot wait to hear from you.

Have a health smart day.


Dr. Julz